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Trial Proves Prop 8 is Discriminatory and Violates the 14th Amendment

To bad they blocked the taping of the trial.  I would have liked to see the pro-hate peoples excuses for prop 8.  Actually, they’re all the same excuses to target OTHER people they don’t like for religious fundamental reasons, but with a twist, so it doesn’t “appear” to be so hateful.  The bible is NOT “black and white” as some would have you to believe.  Many words in the English language don’t mean the same in various types of conversations.  In English we can use the word love as an example.  In English Love is used to mean all sorts of examples, but in old Greek there are different words when referring to various types of loving situations.   However, those new age bibles coming out these day’s have translations where they replaced words to help them with their bigotry, such as the word “homosexual” which didn’t even come to being until the 19th century.

The bible doesn’t condemn homosexual people, that is people who lack the desire for those of the opposite sex, or natural Eunuchs of it’s day.  Fundamentalist Christian’s like to use verses to target “homosexuals,” but the verses aren’t even talking about Homosexual or Gay people, it’s talking about Heterosexual men who take on passive roles when they play around, and in those day’s sex between two men was not a problem, the problem was when a heterosexual man who should have a wife play’s around with other men and takes a passive role.  It’s like prostitution, the bible doesn’t condemn prostitution, it only condemns the prostitution in temples, which targeted Pagans, or people of other faith’s.  The alleged “Sodom and Gomorrah” case isn’t even about Gay people, it’s about heterosexual rape on heterosexual men, not consenting sex between two people. It’s like when a prison inmate who is heterosexual rapes another inmate [common practice], and it was this that was condemned, not the Eunuch’s.

Why do these Christian’s put so much focus in hating the Gay Community when the bible condemns adultery, infidelity, children who curse their parents, liars, thieves, killers and the list goes on.  It would seem to me that the Church should be focusing on their own in-house issues of adultery and fornication which is rampant within their own church.  The same alleged verses used to condemn Gay people to death according to those Christian’s also condemns the adulterer and fornicator to death!

Clean your own house!

294 Pages To Equality « Prop 8 Trial Tracker

The AFER legal team has filed their summary of the Prop 8 trial. All 294 pages of it. Officially titled the Plaintiffs’ Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, the document lays out what the plaintiff’s believe they have proved and the findings that they believe are in order. Here’s the gist:

The trial proved that:

* Prop. 8 does irreparable harm to Americans
* Marriage has shed discriminatory restrictions over time
* Gay men and lesbians are entitled to the full protection of the 14th Amendment
* There is no good reason for Prop. 8’s denial of fundamental civil rights

Much of this information was laid out at the final courthouse press conference at the end of January. If you didn’t get a chance to see that, it is at the bottom of this post. [continued]

Marriage Equality Tee shirt
Marriage Equality Tee

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Are Topless Photos Biblically Correct …

Oh!  OMG!  Praise the Lord!

She’s trashing others because she alleges Same-Sex Civil Marriage is against her Christian belief.  Yet, I know for a fact that posing in pornography is defiantly against Christian tradition.  The bible tells me that a women should be fully covered.

Don’t get me wrong, Carrie Prejean can do all the pornography she wants, we don’t really care and we shouldn’t [it’s her life], however preaching to us Californian’s and the rest of America that Same-Sex Civil Marriage is against her “traditional” Christian practice and that it shouldn’t be allowed for Same-Sex Couples is hypocritical.

Don’t trash people when you need to take your own trash out the door!  That’s the way it is.  Respect others and you will be respected, but trashing others, hay, Karma’s a Bitch!

Miss California Topless — Oops, She Did It Again |

Carrie Prejean must have a really, really bad memory — because TMZ uncovered a brand new set of topless photos “biblically correct” Miss California took before she applied for the crown. [read more]

This is just a thought to ponder [thanks to those who use religion to attack others], I’m not saying get rid of religion. I’ve had hate comments just for having this t-shirt, and I’m sure I’ll have more! I believe in freedom of religion, but those religions need to repsect other religions, you know who you are.  These people attacking other’s by calling them various names and devil worshipers or Pagan’s [as if that is wrong] or attacking other people outside their circle, like Carrie Prejean has done is wrong!  So, this is why we have this though to ponder; imagine no religion.  Your religion belongs to you and your inner circle, it doesn’t belong to the rest of us, so people need to keep it in their inner circle.  Those religions should stop attacking other people!

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Kenneth Cole and HRC Join to unvail a new T-Shirt design

Great sloagan!  Kenneth Cole t-shirt design available at HRC or numerous other outlets around the country.  These shirts can also be purchased from Kenneth Coles charity Awareness.

HRC | Kenneth Cole for HRC

Kenneth Cole for HRC

In June, Kenneth Cole and the Human Rights Campaign are unveiling a new T-shirt to raise awareness about marriage equality. Cole, a popular designer and longtime activist, had a hands-on role early on, creating the T-shirt design himself.

“HRC is a compassionate and intelligent voice speaking out for LGBT Americans,” Cole said. “And now is the time to point out that” (as his T-shirt for HRC says) “‘Those against same-sex marriage are not thinking straight. Or are they?’” The shirt is available in unisex sizes SM-XXL in black.

Special in-store, HRC sales events where 20% of all store proceeds will go to HRC will take place in the following cities:
June 12, 2009

Los Angeles: Kenneth Cole store at Beverly Center, 8500 Beverly Boulevard
June 26, 2009

New York: Kenneth Cole store in SoHo, 595 Broadway

Chicago: Kenneth Cole store on Michigan Ave, 540 North Michigan Avenue

San Francisco: Kenneth Cole store on Grant Ave, 166 Grant Avenue

Dallas: Kenneth Cole store at North Park, 610 North Park Center

In addition, during the month of June, in honor of LGBT Pride, 100% of proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt in all Kenneth Cole locations and online at will go to HRC.

The T-shirt can also be purchased directly from HRC’s online shop or store locations in San Francisco, CA; Provincetown, MA; and Washington, D.C.

To view a high resolution photo, click on the image.

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Why do these religious people resort to lies?

TV ads are spreading lies again! 

I’m amazed how these religious people can lie without blinking an eye!

People don’t listen to these TV ads that manipulate you into voting against a just cause.  Treating people equally is the right thing to do, irregardless of some fanatical dogma.
Alleged claims that sex education is being pushed on kindergartners is wrong, hello!  Why in the world would anyone believe that.   Also, what is going around is that if Same Sex Civil Marriage passes in other states they will be forced to educate kids in school on same sex education.  More lies! 

FALSE!  That has never happened!  When I was in school we were not even told anything about opposite sex civil marriages!  It’s not up to the schools to talk to children about that, it’s up to the parents because each house hold has different customs on civil marriage practices or religious marriage practices.  The California Board of Education has already stated that.  It’s never been done before why educate kids on marriage now?

How does a word like Equality spread aids?  How can these people be so good at lying to people, and people fall for that bull?

Church’s won’t loose “First Amendment Rights” as we know it to be, this is America and every one has First Amendment Rights, Just like every one has the right to be treated Equally!  That to is a constitutional right, and a civil right to a civil marriage license.  What church’s do in their own church practice is their business, and they should keep it in their own inner circle of practitioners, that is your right. 

You don’t have a right to force your religion on the rest of society because we all practice other faiths.  It’s called Freedom of Religious Practice!

If you have the time and resources Mass Equality needs your help to stop these lies! || Home

California TV ads claim Massachusetts forces gay sex education on kindergartners

Hawaii state senators were told equality is spreading AIDS

Radio ads in Iowa are saying Massachusetts churches have lost First Amendment rights

All lies , of course–but voters and lawmakers in other states don’t know that. Only we can set the record straight. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do, starting now. [help]

Marriage Equality Women’s Fitted Baseball Tee

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Stop the next Prop. 8!

Check out the audition tapes for the alleged “storm” video put out by the social conservatives.  Don’t believe the typical lies!

Take Action: Stop the next Prop. 8!

Stop the next Prop. 8!

In an incredible week for equality, lesbian and gay couples in Iowa and Vermont BOTH won the right marry.

But right-wing groups are mounting a campaign to reverse the decision in Iowa with a constitutional marriage ban – just like California’s Proposition 8. They have even launched a national TV ad, full of outrageous falsehoods, in the wake of these landmark victories: [see links here]


Land of the Free [H8] Extremists Threaten Free America! Extremism seems to be the perpetrator of Prop 8. Biblical extremists intimidate and threaten free people. No on 8! Stop tyranny and the tyrant mobs!

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Suze Orman Speaks Out About Marriage Equality

I just received this email from GLAAD, and wanted to share, here is a portion of it.

Suze Orman Speaks Out About Marriage Equality

Financial guru Suze Orman took an opportunity on her nationally televised CNBC show to broadcast an important message to the American public on Valentine’s Day. During the Feb. 14 broadcast of The Suze Orman Show, the host denounced the recently passed amendments banning marriage for same-sex couples in Florida and California, calling them “a travesty.” Orman stressed the critical need for gay people to be able to marry so they can protect their finances. “Every single one of us deserves to have the same financial benefits, whether we are gay or whether we are straight,” she said. “Every single one of us deserves to be loved. Every single one of us deserves to love and every single one of us deserves to make the most out of the money that we have. That’s my Valentine’s Day wish for every single one of us.” Orman, who is openly lesbian, has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to LGBT equality, and she will be honored with the Vito Russo Award at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York on March 28, 2009. You can find out more about the event here:


Marriage equality now 2009. Proposition 8 is about hate, it only targets a select group of Californians. Reverse prop 8 because its wrong! HH 88 is Hate!

Marriage equality now 2009. Proposition 8 is about hate, it only targets a select group of Californian's. Reverse prop 8 because it's wrong! HH 88 is Hate!

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Driving Factors of Prop 8 Vote

Early polls suggested that African American people voted 70% for Prop 8, another poll shows that it’s not true, and that it is only 57% or 59%. Another poll showed that they are largely Christian and uneducated people that supported Prop 8. I can understand the uneducated part because many people don’t bother educating them selves about anything and only know what the guy behind the pulpit tells them, much of that is constant badgering toward Gay people. I often wonder why they have so much infatuation with Gay people, especially when they don’t belong to their congregations. I mean the bible does say a lot more about alleged “sins”, and it also talks about adultery, infidelity, lying and so much more than the Gay community. Yet people still don’t educate themselves on the history of the bible or why it calls for so much hate toward other people.

As for the Republican party, well I left that party for greener pastures. I believe strongly in Separation of Church and State laws because this country won a war to stop religious imperialism, and many of our own immigrant ancestors fled other countries as a result of religious persecution. America is a diverse culture of other ethnic groups and religious beliefs, so we should not be adopting Christian laws into our constitutions or civil laws, that would be favoritism, and it needs to stop.

  • Ideology – 82% of voters who identify as conservatives voted “Yes”
  • Party – Republicans voted more than 80% in favor of Prop 8
  • Religiosity – 70% of weekly church goers voted “Yes”
  • Age – 67% of voters born before World War II voted “Yes”
  • The study also showed that race was not a driving factor in the election, as was purported by the National Election Pool (NEP) poll which said 70% of African-Americans voted for Prop 8. Our study found the number closer to 57% to 59%.

Driving Factors of Prop 8 Vote
Party, ideology, church attendance and age drove “yes” vote

The study found that four factors — party identification, ideology, frequency of religious service attendance and age — drove the “yes” vote for Proposition 8. For example, more than 70 percent of voters who were Republican, identified themselves as conservative, or who attended religious services at least weekly supported Proposition 8. Conversely, 70 percent or more of voters who were Democrat, identified themselves as liberal, or who rarely attended religious services opposed the measure. More than two-thirds (67 percent) of voters 65 or older supported Proposition 8, while majorities under 65 opposed it.

“These figures point the way to winning marriage equality for same-sex couples sooner rather than later,” said Jaime Grant, Ph.D., director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute. “Convincing the Republican Party that continued gay bashing will cripple its future is one; another is accelerating the already strong surge in support among young voters.”

African-American and Latino support for Proposition 8 not significantly higher when church attendance is factored in

Land of the Free H8 Extremists Threaten Free America! Extremism seems to be the perpetrator of Prop 8. Biblical extremists intimidate and threaten free people. No on 8! Stop tyranny and the tyrant mobs!

Land of the Free H8 Extremists Threaten Free America! Extremism seems to be the perpetrator of Prop 8. Biblical extremists intimidate and threaten free people. No on 8! Stop tyranny and the tyrant mobs!

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Name Calling From “Family Research Council” Tony Perkins

Now the Family Research Council is claiming advocacy of anarchy!

This is just another one of those religious groups set up to target Gay people by creating an organizational name for tax free status. Beware, all they do is attack Gay people and allege that Gay people have an agenda!!! Don’t be fooled!

BTW, that agenda is EQUALITY!

How does he think this country was found? I’m not suggesting anarchy, but if that is the label they are using today, I can’t wait to hear the next label. It’s strange that a people who claim to be so devoutly religious and family oriented would resort to such an attack on our Governor and Our community! It’s outrageous!

All those people should stay out of California, and stop funneling illegal funds into California for the sake of passing an illegal vote against Californian’s in the name of their religion.

What about the continued lies they use to attack Californian’s, and Our families! They seem to pretend that their families are better than other families! How could this be when their divorce rate is higher than 60%, and when they divorce they use the children to go against another parent!

We still live in a country that has religious freedom and for them to take away the civil rights of those individuals is unconstitutional and illegal. You cannot vote away a groups right to be free and treated equally the same under civil laws, either California’s or the United States!

Your church and your religion is your business and that should not be forced upon us! This is why people are protesting, and we have a right to support the cause of equality, and stop these religions from pushing they’re hated upon the rest of our society.

They need to keep their religion to themselves and stop this nonsense of pretending they don’t see it as bigotry!

I’ve heard the games from them for far to long. Some people still hang on to the bigotry brought upon the Japanese American to this day, and allege that taking everything away was not discrimination, even though the government had already agreed that it was wrong.

So you cannot tell me that Prop 8 is not Hate! Prop 8 is about discrimination base on religious dogma as conferred by the Mormon Church in Utah. Some sent out letters in other states pushing propositions by Church leaders, and it’s plausible they did the same in California. Most if not all of those propositions single out, and target our Gay brother’s, sisters and families.

They are the ones trying to water down our constitution for their religious needs.


“Since Election Day, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) has made statements supporting demonstrations against Proposition 8, and urging California ‘s Supreme Court to block the amendment’s enforcement…Condoning street protests and supporting judicial activist scams to overturn a popularly approved state constitutional amendment approaches advocacy of anarchy. Gov. Schwarzenegger is playing a dangerous game, and it needs to stop. Now.”

モルモン教徒 標的 合衆国 憲法

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