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Trial Proves Prop 8 is Discriminatory and Violates the 14th Amendment

To bad they blocked the taping of the trial.  I would have liked to see the pro-hate peoples excuses for prop 8.  Actually, they’re all the same excuses to target OTHER people they don’t like for religious fundamental reasons, but with a twist, so it doesn’t “appear” to be so hateful.  The bible is NOT “black and white” as some would have you to believe.  Many words in the English language don’t mean the same in various types of conversations.  In English we can use the word love as an example.  In English Love is used to mean all sorts of examples, but in old Greek there are different words when referring to various types of loving situations.   However, those new age bibles coming out these day’s have translations where they replaced words to help them with their bigotry, such as the word “homosexual” which didn’t even come to being until the 19th century.

The bible doesn’t condemn homosexual people, that is people who lack the desire for those of the opposite sex, or natural Eunuchs of it’s day.  Fundamentalist Christian’s like to use verses to target “homosexuals,” but the verses aren’t even talking about Homosexual or Gay people, it’s talking about Heterosexual men who take on passive roles when they play around, and in those day’s sex between two men was not a problem, the problem was when a heterosexual man who should have a wife play’s around with other men and takes a passive role.  It’s like prostitution, the bible doesn’t condemn prostitution, it only condemns the prostitution in temples, which targeted Pagans, or people of other faith’s.  The alleged “Sodom and Gomorrah” case isn’t even about Gay people, it’s about heterosexual rape on heterosexual men, not consenting sex between two people. It’s like when a prison inmate who is heterosexual rapes another inmate [common practice], and it was this that was condemned, not the Eunuch’s.

Why do these Christian’s put so much focus in hating the Gay Community when the bible condemns adultery, infidelity, children who curse their parents, liars, thieves, killers and the list goes on.  It would seem to me that the Church should be focusing on their own in-house issues of adultery and fornication which is rampant within their own church.  The same alleged verses used to condemn Gay people to death according to those Christian’s also condemns the adulterer and fornicator to death!

Clean your own house!

294 Pages To Equality « Prop 8 Trial Tracker

The AFER legal team has filed their summary of the Prop 8 trial. All 294 pages of it. Officially titled the Plaintiffs’ Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, the document lays out what the plaintiff’s believe they have proved and the findings that they believe are in order. Here’s the gist:

The trial proved that:

* Prop. 8 does irreparable harm to Americans
* Marriage has shed discriminatory restrictions over time
* Gay men and lesbians are entitled to the full protection of the 14th Amendment
* There is no good reason for Prop. 8’s denial of fundamental civil rights

Much of this information was laid out at the final courthouse press conference at the end of January. If you didn’t get a chance to see that, it is at the bottom of this post. [continued]

Marriage Equality Tee shirt
Marriage Equality Tee

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WWII Veteran Speaks for Gay Marriage

As a veteran I agree!  I during my time serving I know I served for Freedom, Justice and Equality for all people.  My service time didn’t excent to and conflict, but non the less I volunteered because I’m a patriot who believes in what the Statue of Liberty and the Constitution of the United States represent, and that includes the Gay community who deserve the same equal rights as any other American citizen.

My father also joined the military during WWII all while his brothers, sisters, and father were taken to concentration camps in northern California.  He faught in battles on the French Italian boarder helping our allies keep the Nazi’s at out of these countries for the cause of Freedom, Justice and  Equality for all.  His unit battalion the 442nd became the most decorated unit of all time, and he had to come home to see discrimination pushed on people by the likes or religious fanatic dogma emposing their religiuos laws on the rest of American society.

Keep your religious laws to you own community!  Civil laws belong to the greater people, and they are not their for  you to divide the country up piece by piece just because you may not like a specific group of people like the LGBT community and their friends.

We’ll probably have to start the draft because those same people who live in freed because of Our Soldiers and Veterans do not service to help fight for freedom and justice for all, but they take advantage to what our soldiers have done, and are doing right now.

Draft those conservatives children, and send them off to these wars, so they to will know what democracy is.

Philip Spooner VIDEO: WWII Veteran Makes Case For Gay Marriage

Philip Spooner is a lifetime Republican, World War II veteran and, to everyone’s surprise, a gay marriage supporter. The 86-year-old gave a heartfelt speech in support of gay marriage to Maine’s Judiciary Committee back in April, and the video has just now become an internet hit.

Spooner’s voice wavers often as he weaves his own life story into the speech, using his experience as a soldier as his main defense for gay marriage. He lists his accomplishments in the war, among them serving in Patton’s Third Army and carrying POWs back home, making it clear that he’s a true American — and according to Spooner, there’s nothing more American than fighting for equality. [see video]

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Stop the next Prop. 8!

Check out the audition tapes for the alleged “storm” video put out by the social conservatives.  Don’t believe the typical lies!

Take Action: Stop the next Prop. 8!

Stop the next Prop. 8!

In an incredible week for equality, lesbian and gay couples in Iowa and Vermont BOTH won the right marry.

But right-wing groups are mounting a campaign to reverse the decision in Iowa with a constitutional marriage ban – just like California’s Proposition 8. They have even launched a national TV ad, full of outrageous falsehoods, in the wake of these landmark victories: [see links here]


Land of the Free [H8] Extremists Threaten Free America! Extremism seems to be the perpetrator of Prop 8. Biblical extremists intimidate and threaten free people. No on 8! Stop tyranny and the tyrant mobs!

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Demise of Same-Sex Weddings Disheartens Businesses

I think these Mormons have some serious issues, and they shouldn’t be putting it on the rest of us!
Civil laws belong to the people not the morons!

This guy, Frank Schubert is crazy!

He’s basing his theory on 4000 year old history? Who’s history is that, is that bible history or historical history, the two are different. As I said in previous posts, the church never adopted the practice of marriage until around the 8th century. Prior to that it has always been Pagan law. He’s so adamant about this Pagan practice yet Christianity abolished other practices or adopted other peoples practices. Civil society inherited the Pagan laws which are our civil laws, since we’ve adopted them we have a right to use them. Your religious marriage is not the same as Our civil marriage. Go figure that out!

Christianity is not 4000 years old, it is less than 2000 years old. I had one guy try and tell me because it’s been “Adam and Eve” ever since! Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but “Adam and Eve” could not have been married under what we now know as civil marriage, unless they were Pagan people!

Was Adam and Even Pagan people? It’s very plausible since the myth story’s had been adopted from the Sumerian people, it even mentions Adams other partner, but they chose not to ad that part. It was not until later that some one brought in a one god theory, but this is not the story we are being feed.

Prior to the Christian inquisitions people of the same-sex had been married and some of that is documented in the church. Same-sex people along with other people have been oppressed by the church ever since, and the church continues to tell the same lies.

Either way it doesn’t matter because this is a civil law issue it has nothing to do with the your Church doctrine, unfortunately Mormons are pushing their religious marriage upon us all and now we have to deal with them.

Is Frank Schubert meaning to say those of us who are not of their following can not get married because it is an alleged tradition of his people?

Again, civil laws belong to the people NOT the church! The church has it’s own laws, and civil law governs the people as a whole in America; we are living in a democracy, NOT a THEOCRACY!

Therefore, our civil laws are for every one. It’s not just for Christian’s, if Christian’s choose to get married in their religion then they can do so.

Stop forcing your religion down our throats, or we will be forced to tax the church and stop subsidizing religious marriages!

Demise of Same-Sex Weddings Disheartens Businesses [read more]
Frank Schubert, the campaign manager for Protect Marriage, the leading group behind Proposition 8, said any potential impact, or the specter of bad press, was overstated.

“This is an issue of restoring the institution of marriage as it always existed,” said Mr. Schubert, noting that same-sex marriage had only briefly been legal. “I can’t imagine that returning to the history of 4,000 years before that is going to cause an economic upheaval.”

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Prop. 8 protesters target Mormon temple in Westwood

The Mormons need to go home! I’m tired of them sending people out to California, so they can register to vote and then use their religious laws to circumvent California’s democracy in favor of their Mormon beliefs!

California should never change our constitution for religion or any other group pushing hate on Californian’s!

These Mormons allege that CIVIL MARRIAGE is their invention, well they need to look at history, not their religious laws. Here in the US we practice the separation of church and state laws, and we practice that in California as well. Our civil laws DO NOT belong to the Mormon church, our civil laws belong to the people of California and America. These Mormons can not circumvent every ones rights in the name of Mormonism, it is unconstitutional, and the lies they told to manipulate votes is fraud! Lies seem to be the common norm of the church to gain converts and donations.

If Civil Marriage belongs to the church then why are we tax payers subsidizing it through tax breaks? I’m not a Mormon, nor are my fellow neighbors, so my taxes should not be use to subsidies Mormon marriages.

My point is that Civil Laws and Religious Laws are not the same, they are separate, people! I’m tired of these Mormons trying to change Our laws to fit their own religious laws, this should never happen.

Californian’s have been lied to, to get the votes! Shame on the Mormon Church! SHAME!

It does not even matter how many votes they got, this vote was illegal, and against our constitution, and those Mormons should keep off our civil laws and our constitution! Our constitution protects the minority from an OVERBEARING majority! This is one of those times because they are targeting a group of people!

Civil law is inherited old Pagan law, and the church did not adopt the practice until around the 8th century. Civil marriage is an old Pagan practice for proving property rights and heirs; it has nothing to do with some ones CHOICE of a religious marriage!

Lay off our backs! You do not own our Civil Laws!

Prop. 8 protesters target Mormon temple in Westwood
More than a thousand gay-rights activists gathered Thursday afternoon outside the Mormon temple in Westwood to protest the role Mormons played in passing Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California.

It was the latest in an escalating campaign directed against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for its role in marshaling millions of dollars in contributions from its members for the successful campaign to take away same-sex marriage rights.

Hey!?! How does my civil marriage undermine your screwed up religious marriage? Civil marriage belongs to the people, religious marriage belongs to the church. People have a CHOICE to go to a church. Civil marriage is an Old Pagan practice

Hey!?! How does my civil marriage undermine your screwed up religious marriage? Civil marriage belongs to the people, religious marriage belongs to the church. People have a CHOICE to go to a church. Civil marriage is an Old Pagan practice

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