Protect Civil Marriage

Let’s Keep Your Church Laws OFF OUR Constitution and Civil Laws!

Life Long Love Same Sex Couples

Greek Couples
Here, then are textual references for long-term (in some cases life-long) homosexual relationships in the Greek texts.

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Kenneth Cole and HRC Join to unvail a new T-Shirt design

Great sloagan!  Kenneth Cole t-shirt design available at HRC or numerous other outlets around the country.  These shirts can also be purchased from Kenneth Coles charity Awareness.

HRC | Kenneth Cole for HRC

Kenneth Cole for HRC

In June, Kenneth Cole and the Human Rights Campaign are unveiling a new T-shirt to raise awareness about marriage equality. Cole, a popular designer and longtime activist, had a hands-on role early on, creating the T-shirt design himself.

“HRC is a compassionate and intelligent voice speaking out for LGBT Americans,” Cole said. “And now is the time to point out that” (as his T-shirt for HRC says) “‘Those against same-sex marriage are not thinking straight. Or are they?’” The shirt is available in unisex sizes SM-XXL in black.

Special in-store, HRC sales events where 20% of all store proceeds will go to HRC will take place in the following cities:
June 12, 2009

Los Angeles: Kenneth Cole store at Beverly Center, 8500 Beverly Boulevard
June 26, 2009

New York: Kenneth Cole store in SoHo, 595 Broadway

Chicago: Kenneth Cole store on Michigan Ave, 540 North Michigan Avenue

San Francisco: Kenneth Cole store on Grant Ave, 166 Grant Avenue

Dallas: Kenneth Cole store at North Park, 610 North Park Center

In addition, during the month of June, in honor of LGBT Pride, 100% of proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt in all Kenneth Cole locations and online at will go to HRC.

The T-shirt can also be purchased directly from HRC’s online shop or store locations in San Francisco, CA; Provincetown, MA; and Washington, D.C.

To view a high resolution photo, click on the image.

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Tell the President to end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and not to fire Lt. Dan Choi

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a joke!

Lots of Gay people served and continue to serve in the military!  Heck! I served in the Unites States Marine Corps for 4 years, and many of my friends were Gay serving as well.  Other who were not Gay didn’t care if other’s were, it’s not a problem.  This fear is brought about from 30 years of religious persecution, which instill some kind of sexual dis-function in others. If your not Gay don’t worry about it, you can’t be converted.  People are what they are, and many of them served with high honors. 

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?  The Military can do better, it doesn’t matter!

Courage Campaign | Sign the petition to President Obama

Lt. Dan Choi, from Orange County, California, is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and an Iraq War veteran. Last March he went on Rachel Maddow’s show and spoke three truthful words: “I am gay.”

As a result Lt. Choi received a letter from the Army on April 23 discharging him for violating the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. He told Rachel Maddow the letter was “a slap in the face” to himself and the soldiers he as commanded and served with over the past decade.

Lt. Choi is fighting to stay in the military and ensure that no other soldier is ever again discharged as a result of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The Courage Campaign and CREDO Mobile are joining his effort to secure equality in our armed forces.

President Obama did not create this policy. But he now has the opportunity to keep his promise and allow gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly in the military. It’s the right thing to do — for justice and for national security.

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Joyous Occassion for Maine Citizens

That is so beautiful!

What a joyous occasion those Main citizen must feel, right now!  I’m so happy for them.  Now they can get their personal finances and securities settle in a proper civil manner.

Maine Gay Marriage Legalized

Maine Governor John Baldacci signed Wednesday into law a bill legalizing gay marriage in the state. The move makes Maine the fifth state to allow gay marriage.

The press release:

Governor John E. Baldacci today signed into law LD 1020, An Act to End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom.

“I have followed closely the debate on this issue. I have listened to both sides, as they have presented their arguments during the public hearing and on the floor of the Maine Senate and the House of Representatives. I have read many of the notes and letters sent to my office, and I have weighed my decision carefully,” Governor Baldacci said. “I did not come to this decision lightly or in haste.”

“I appreciate the tone brought to this debate by both sides of the issue,” Governor Baldacci said. “This is an emotional issue that touches deeply many of our most important ideals and traditions. There are good, earnest and honest people on both sides of the question.”

“In the past, I opposed gay marriage while supporting the idea of civil unions,” Governor Baldacci said. “I have come to believe that this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law, and that a civil union is not equal to civil marriage.” [read more]


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Suze Orman Speaks Out About Marriage Equality

I just received this email from GLAAD, and wanted to share, here is a portion of it.

Suze Orman Speaks Out About Marriage Equality

Financial guru Suze Orman took an opportunity on her nationally televised CNBC show to broadcast an important message to the American public on Valentine’s Day. During the Feb. 14 broadcast of The Suze Orman Show, the host denounced the recently passed amendments banning marriage for same-sex couples in Florida and California, calling them “a travesty.” Orman stressed the critical need for gay people to be able to marry so they can protect their finances. “Every single one of us deserves to have the same financial benefits, whether we are gay or whether we are straight,” she said. “Every single one of us deserves to be loved. Every single one of us deserves to love and every single one of us deserves to make the most out of the money that we have. That’s my Valentine’s Day wish for every single one of us.” Orman, who is openly lesbian, has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to LGBT equality, and she will be honored with the Vito Russo Award at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York on March 28, 2009. You can find out more about the event here:


Marriage equality now 2009. Proposition 8 is about hate, it only targets a select group of Californians. Reverse prop 8 because its wrong! HH 88 is Hate!

Marriage equality now 2009. Proposition 8 is about hate, it only targets a select group of Californian's. Reverse prop 8 because it's wrong! HH 88 is Hate!

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California Court Debates Gay Marriage Ban

As I said before, the majority can not and should not take a vote on minority civil rights!  That’s settled!  It does not matter what the court say’s in the end, the fight across the nation will continue, until every American has equal rights under our civil laws.  I’m not talking about religious dogma, that belongs to those who practice that dogma and is separate from civil law.

If the Justices allow Proposition 8 to stand, then that means anyone can take a vote on minority rights, and taking a vote on banning The Book of Mormon would be well within our rights to do as a majority of Christian believe The Book of Mormon is blasphemous to God and his word.  This would not just apply to that, it would apply to other issues that a majority feels undermines their religious beliefs.

This is why we have Separation of Church and State laws, but the problem with this is that the Church doesn’t believe in Separation of Church and State because that would mean they wouldn’t be able to force their dogma upon the rest of society, it’s called terrorism.

These extremist should keep their religion to themselves, and not interfere or take away civil rights of American citizens because this is America.

California Court Debates Gay Marriage Ban

The mood was somber among gay rights supporters after a bruising, three-hour hearing before the justices of California’s highest court, who expressed considerable skepticism at the idea of overturning the state’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage.

Thursday’s arguments pitted the right of the people to change their constitution against the right to wed. The California Supreme Court’s seven justices indicated a wariness to override the will of voters, who approved Proposition 8 in November – 4½ months after the same court had ruled 4-3 to legalize gay marriage.

Couples like Chloe Harris, 28, and Frankie Frankeny, 42, who married during the 4½-months same-sex marriage was legal, said they were disheartened by the tone of the hearing and not very hopeful the justices would rule in their favor.

“We don’t go vote on anyone else’s rights,” Frankeny said. “It’s so demeaning.”

Attorneys for same-sex couples took a more measured stance.

“I think they are struggling with the issues,” said Jennifer Pizer, of the gay rights group Lambda Legal. “It’s hard to read the tea leaves.”

Gay rights advocates – including same-sex couples, local governments led by San Francisco and civil rights groups – argued Proposition 8 is such a sweeping change to the constitution’s equal protection clause that it was a constitutional revision, not just an amendment. A revision requires legislative approval before it lands on the ballot. [read on]


Marriage equality now 2009. Proposition 8 is about hate, it only targets a select group of Californian’s. Reverse prop 8 because it’s wrong! HH 88 is Hate!

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Join the Fight! Stop 8! Stop hate, and those who push it!

Persecuted by governments. Arrested and beaten for being who we are. Our rights put up for popular vote, time and time again.


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Gay marriage supporters protest outside OC church

Keep on Rockin!

That’s what I say! Prop 8 will have to get repealed, it has to, if it doesn’t then there is something gravely wrong with democracy.  For one thing it’s not democratic at all when a religious group or institution targets a select group of people. That just gets me, especially when many of the people are not even part of that faith. It’s a joke! Faith is about respect, equality, and you should not be so arrogant to force the dogma on others who are not even part of that faith, especially doing harm or killing which their book authorizes them to do.

Gay marriage supporters protest outside OC church
About 100 gay-rights supporters marched outside the Orange County church of evangelical pastor Rick Warren, protesting his opposition to gay marriage two days before he is scheduled to give the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Police say the protesters demonstrated peacefully Sunday at the edge of the sprawling campus of Warren’s Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, waving rainbow flags and voicing their displeasure with Warren and with Obama for choosing him.

John Einsohn, one of the protest’s organizers, tells the Orange County Register that Warren “preaches intolerance while pretending to be a friend of the gay community.”

Warren did not deliver a sermon Sunday, and his chief of staff declined comment.

Imagine No Religion with a Peace symbol. Religion seems to have a lot of blood and killing connected to its book. The bible even authorizes its followers to kill. Imagine that...

Imagine No Religion with a Peace symbol. Religion seems to have a lot of blood and killing connected to it's book. The bible even authorizes it's followers to kill. Imagine that...

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Driving Factors of Prop 8 Vote

Early polls suggested that African American people voted 70% for Prop 8, another poll shows that it’s not true, and that it is only 57% or 59%. Another poll showed that they are largely Christian and uneducated people that supported Prop 8. I can understand the uneducated part because many people don’t bother educating them selves about anything and only know what the guy behind the pulpit tells them, much of that is constant badgering toward Gay people. I often wonder why they have so much infatuation with Gay people, especially when they don’t belong to their congregations. I mean the bible does say a lot more about alleged “sins”, and it also talks about adultery, infidelity, lying and so much more than the Gay community. Yet people still don’t educate themselves on the history of the bible or why it calls for so much hate toward other people.

As for the Republican party, well I left that party for greener pastures. I believe strongly in Separation of Church and State laws because this country won a war to stop religious imperialism, and many of our own immigrant ancestors fled other countries as a result of religious persecution. America is a diverse culture of other ethnic groups and religious beliefs, so we should not be adopting Christian laws into our constitutions or civil laws, that would be favoritism, and it needs to stop.

  • Ideology – 82% of voters who identify as conservatives voted “Yes”
  • Party – Republicans voted more than 80% in favor of Prop 8
  • Religiosity – 70% of weekly church goers voted “Yes”
  • Age – 67% of voters born before World War II voted “Yes”
  • The study also showed that race was not a driving factor in the election, as was purported by the National Election Pool (NEP) poll which said 70% of African-Americans voted for Prop 8. Our study found the number closer to 57% to 59%.

Driving Factors of Prop 8 Vote
Party, ideology, church attendance and age drove “yes” vote

The study found that four factors — party identification, ideology, frequency of religious service attendance and age — drove the “yes” vote for Proposition 8. For example, more than 70 percent of voters who were Republican, identified themselves as conservative, or who attended religious services at least weekly supported Proposition 8. Conversely, 70 percent or more of voters who were Democrat, identified themselves as liberal, or who rarely attended religious services opposed the measure. More than two-thirds (67 percent) of voters 65 or older supported Proposition 8, while majorities under 65 opposed it.

“These figures point the way to winning marriage equality for same-sex couples sooner rather than later,” said Jaime Grant, Ph.D., director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute. “Convincing the Republican Party that continued gay bashing will cripple its future is one; another is accelerating the already strong surge in support among young voters.”

African-American and Latino support for Proposition 8 not significantly higher when church attendance is factored in

Land of the Free H8 Extremists Threaten Free America! Extremism seems to be the perpetrator of Prop 8. Biblical extremists intimidate and threaten free people. No on 8! Stop tyranny and the tyrant mobs!

Land of the Free H8 Extremists Threaten Free America! Extremism seems to be the perpetrator of Prop 8. Biblical extremists intimidate and threaten free people. No on 8! Stop tyranny and the tyrant mobs!

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