Protect Civil Marriage

Let’s Keep Your Church Laws OFF OUR Constitution and Civil Laws!

WWII Veteran Speaks for Gay Marriage

As a veteran I agree!  I during my time serving I know I served for Freedom, Justice and Equality for all people.  My service time didn’t excent to and conflict, but non the less I volunteered because I’m a patriot who believes in what the Statue of Liberty and the Constitution of the United States represent, and that includes the Gay community who deserve the same equal rights as any other American citizen.

My father also joined the military during WWII all while his brothers, sisters, and father were taken to concentration camps in northern California.  He faught in battles on the French Italian boarder helping our allies keep the Nazi’s at out of these countries for the cause of Freedom, Justice and  Equality for all.  His unit battalion the 442nd became the most decorated unit of all time, and he had to come home to see discrimination pushed on people by the likes or religious fanatic dogma emposing their religiuos laws on the rest of American society.

Keep your religious laws to you own community!  Civil laws belong to the greater people, and they are not their for  you to divide the country up piece by piece just because you may not like a specific group of people like the LGBT community and their friends.

We’ll probably have to start the draft because those same people who live in freed because of Our Soldiers and Veterans do not service to help fight for freedom and justice for all, but they take advantage to what our soldiers have done, and are doing right now.

Draft those conservatives children, and send them off to these wars, so they to will know what democracy is.

Philip Spooner VIDEO: WWII Veteran Makes Case For Gay Marriage

Philip Spooner is a lifetime Republican, World War II veteran and, to everyone’s surprise, a gay marriage supporter. The 86-year-old gave a heartfelt speech in support of gay marriage to Maine’s Judiciary Committee back in April, and the video has just now become an internet hit.

Spooner’s voice wavers often as he weaves his own life story into the speech, using his experience as a soldier as his main defense for gay marriage. He lists his accomplishments in the war, among them serving in Patton’s Third Army and carrying POWs back home, making it clear that he’s a true American — and according to Spooner, there’s nothing more American than fighting for equality. [see video]

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Traditional Religious Marriage Practices vs Civil Marriage Laws

This is sick some tradition!  We’re in America now, it’s okay to release yourself from your traditions in a progressive society, especially if your harming other people with your dogmatic tradtions! 

It amazes me how these Christian’s hang on to their so called traditions in the name of their traditions!  These traditions should be abolished, they should get married on their own recognizance and the rest of use shouldn’t be forced to subsides their welfare needs.  We should all pay equal taxes, and if we pay equal taxes then we should all receive equal benefits, if we don’t receive equal  benefits then it’s called welfare, and this has been going on for far to long.  Just obolish this religious marriage traditon of taking on wives because it’s your religious tradition.

Besides, this world is to over crowded, theirs no need to have a religious marriage or “holy matrimony” with your children!  Sick!  They’ll throw any page of the bible at us to justify their needs.  They say it’s “gods” will!  Amazing!

What about those Mormons?

We need to Protect Civil Marriage from these religious social conservative who force their own religious traditional marriage practices on our civil laws and our constitutions, all while the rest of us have to subsidize their marriage practices.  Civil marriage should be granted to all loving committed couples under civil laws, not religious laws or these religious zealots will take our children for marriage to.

Girl ‘married’ at 8 says Alamo found her ‘cute’

A woman who said evangelist Tony Alamo “married” her when she was 8 years old told federal jurors Thursday that he sexually assaulted her repeatedly until she dodged security cameras and roving guards to escape from his compound in 2006.

Her testimony came after another former underage bride of Alamo said she “married” the pastor at 14 through hurried whispers during visiting hours at a federal prison. That woman later noted inside a Bible the date Alamo first forced her to have sex, but left the name blank out of fear Alamo would beat her.

Alamo, 74, is named in a 10-count indictment alleging he took young girls across state lines for sex. His lawyers said the girls were moved so they could do legitimate work for the ministry, and claim the government has targeted him. He has pleaded not guilty and could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.

Defense lawyers largely left the sex and underage marriage claims unchallenged, though they questioned witnesses’ memories and whether they had been coached by authorities. Several jurors appeared affected by the testimony, wiping at their red eyes. One man slowly shook his head “no” during particularly graphic testimony.

The 8-year-old bride, now 18, said Alamo groped her after their wedding and began having sex with her when she was a 9-year-old third-grader.

[Read the full story of this Evangelical Marriage]

imagine NO religion

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Stop Defending DOMA!

I couldn’t believe he’s supporting DOMA, or at least his attorney is pushing in support of it.

I find it ironic that people who are against alleged “socialism” would support DOMA because it excludes the Gay Population.  Sounds like typical bigotry to me.  If you don’t like Social Security then you should be fighting against that, not supporting DOMA!

Since we have this social security system, then all American’s should benefit from it otherwise get rid of it completely. 

Gay people pay taxes, and they don’t get any breaks on it with their own family’s because they happen to be Gay.  Why should Gay people subsidize all these other peoples civil marriages, yet can’t have one themselves? 

Civil marriage is about property rights and heirs, it’s not about some religious dogma, so get over it!

Tell Obama and Holder: Stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act.

Tell Obama and Holder: Stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act.

They compared same-sex marriage to a marriage between an uncle and a niece. Or between two children.

No, we’re not talking about Rick Santorum. We’re talking about the Obama administration’s Justice Department. The brief the DOJ presented defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in federal court was not just wrong. It was offensive. The New York Times called it “disturbing” in its lead editorial.

Rachel Maddow and Howard Dean discussed the issue on MSNBC on June 15. Take a look: [sign the petition]

Marriage Equality shirt
Marriage Equality by politicalvoice
Many tshirt designs available at

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Come Out! Come Out, where ever you are!!!

For every action there is a reaction!  Come Out!  Come Out, where ever you are!!!

I don’t see how the Judges could see any equality in their decision, but unfortunately it’s already done, and we must move forward remembering what and who brought us here!  I think this is a BIG wake up call, and every can see it.  I think the root cause is very obvious.

Gavin Newsom: The Road from Here to Marriage Equality

Today we must turn anger into action.

It’s cold comfort to many that history is moving in the right direction, with five states already on their way to marriage equality. But it’s our job to make sure history moves faster towards equality here in California.

We must redouble our efforts in California to finally win this fight for equal rights. Please, take a moment today and lend your voice to this just cause.

Sign our petition for marriage equality.

Join the tireless efforts of the Courage Campaign and Equality California.

Let’s be respectful. But let’s be clear. We must start changing minds today. I know many of my fellow Californians may initially agree with this ruling, but I ask them to reserve final judgment until they have discussed this decision with someone who will be affected by it. [read more]


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Kenneth Cole and HRC Join to unvail a new T-Shirt design

Great sloagan!  Kenneth Cole t-shirt design available at HRC or numerous other outlets around the country.  These shirts can also be purchased from Kenneth Coles charity Awareness.

HRC | Kenneth Cole for HRC

Kenneth Cole for HRC

In June, Kenneth Cole and the Human Rights Campaign are unveiling a new T-shirt to raise awareness about marriage equality. Cole, a popular designer and longtime activist, had a hands-on role early on, creating the T-shirt design himself.

“HRC is a compassionate and intelligent voice speaking out for LGBT Americans,” Cole said. “And now is the time to point out that” (as his T-shirt for HRC says) “‘Those against same-sex marriage are not thinking straight. Or are they?’” The shirt is available in unisex sizes SM-XXL in black.

Special in-store, HRC sales events where 20% of all store proceeds will go to HRC will take place in the following cities:
June 12, 2009

Los Angeles: Kenneth Cole store at Beverly Center, 8500 Beverly Boulevard
June 26, 2009

New York: Kenneth Cole store in SoHo, 595 Broadway

Chicago: Kenneth Cole store on Michigan Ave, 540 North Michigan Avenue

San Francisco: Kenneth Cole store on Grant Ave, 166 Grant Avenue

Dallas: Kenneth Cole store at North Park, 610 North Park Center

In addition, during the month of June, in honor of LGBT Pride, 100% of proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt in all Kenneth Cole locations and online at will go to HRC.

The T-shirt can also be purchased directly from HRC’s online shop or store locations in San Francisco, CA; Provincetown, MA; and Washington, D.C.

To view a high resolution photo, click on the image.

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Stop the next Prop. 8!

Check out the audition tapes for the alleged “storm” video put out by the social conservatives.  Don’t believe the typical lies!

Take Action: Stop the next Prop. 8!

Stop the next Prop. 8!

In an incredible week for equality, lesbian and gay couples in Iowa and Vermont BOTH won the right marry.

But right-wing groups are mounting a campaign to reverse the decision in Iowa with a constitutional marriage ban – just like California’s Proposition 8. They have even launched a national TV ad, full of outrageous falsehoods, in the wake of these landmark victories: [see links here]


Land of the Free [H8] Extremists Threaten Free America! Extremism seems to be the perpetrator of Prop 8. Biblical extremists intimidate and threaten free people. No on 8! Stop tyranny and the tyrant mobs!

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Support Iowa! Out of State money being used to attack the freedom to marry in Iowa!

I’m tired of these religious fatwa’s!  Who’s is it this time, the Morons?

Those hate groups against Same-Sex Marriages just continue telling lies! They need to clean up their own house and stop sending out fanatical edicts targeting the Gay population of America!

They need to keep their religious fatwa’s with in their own community, and stop trying to push that dogma on those of us not of their religious beliefs.  The continued lies targeting Gay people is sickening.

Civil marriage is a civil law issue, and marriage is no ones business other than those getting married. Religious marriages are with in each religious sect, and each practices marriage in a different way when it comes to marriage. However, civil marriage is not an issue for these fanatics, and those fanatics have no business telling others how they should have a civil marriage.  Again, the church did NOT invent civil marriage!  They adopted the practice, just like they adopted ALL celebrations practiced today, now made into holiday’s!

Out of State money being used to attack the freedom to marry in Iowa!

Out of State money being used to attack the freedom to marry in Iowa!
The same right-wing organizations who spent millions to pass Prop. 8 in California are now spending their money in Iowa! Sign this petition and send a strong message that Iowans oppose out of state groups from using their money and influence to take away the rights of Iowans!

Marriage Equality Now!


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Social Conservative Praises Killing: What Else is New?

I don’t know why people think this is so shocking?

Christianity teaches them to kill people. whether that be Gay, Queer or otherwise, they’re just a sleeper cells waiting to wake up. All you have to do is read several verses of their law book, and also the new testament Romans, depending on their extremist interpretation of the book written by a man. They may not be doing it on a mass scale as Hitler did, but wait till that sleeper cell wakes up, the terrorism will be worse than what you occasionally see, unless Gay People wake up and March to defend themselves against these social conservative terrorists.


Imagine that kick-in-the-gut feeling I got when I saw a sign that said “Dan White: Hero. Killing a Queer” in front of the Supreme Court building last Thursday.

Social conservative praise killing with sign

Donate to help fight these terrorists!

A chilling reminder of how much work we have to do in some places—to effectively educate Californians about our humanity and right to live as well as the freedom to marry.

Last week, I told you we cannot wait in hopes that the court will overturn Prop 8. Instead we need to have conversations with Californians throughout the state, especially in communities of color and faith.

This week, because of the outpouring of support, EQCA was able to add two new powerful resources to our team:

Marc Solomon, currently the executive director at EQCA’s sister organization, MassEquality, will join us as our new marriage director. After the Massachusetts’ court granted same-sex couples the right to marry, Marc led the largest and most successful grassroots campaign in the state’s history to defeat efforts to amend the Massachusetts Constitution to take it away.
Andrea Shorter, the co-founder and director of And Marriage For All, will join EQCA as our new coalition coordinator to strengthen and expand statewide coalition-building efforts and to help bring resources and support to LGBT organizations, especially those who concentrate on issues impacting communities of color and faith.

Imagine No Religion with a Peace symbol. Religion seems to have a lot of blood and killing connected to its book. The bible even authorizes its followers to kill. Imagine that...

Imagine No Religion with a Peace symbol. Religion seems to have a lot of blood and killing connected to it's book. The bible even authorizes it's followers to kill. Imagine that...

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Calif justices hear arguments in gay marriage case

Ken Starr get out of California!  You can’t deceive people and push scare tactics to win a vote by a slim margin and call that a just vote!  You can’t use a vote to take civil rights away from citizens of California!  You don’t even live here!  The Mormons pushed prop 8 through phone banking out of Utah, and they don’t even live here!  You can’t take away rights of Californian’s through Mormon Edicts and Lies!  Mormons allege Civil Marriage is “ordained” by God, yet the church didn’t start the practice of Civil Marriage long after the 8th century, and civil marriage is an inherited Pagan practice of civil law, not religious practice.

What if we put a vote to Ban the Book of Mormon because traditionally it is Blasphemous to the word of God?

California Supreme Court Arguments on Gay Marriage

California Supreme Court justices heard arguments Thursday on lawsuits seeking to overturn the state’s voter-approved ban on same-sex nuptials as thousands demonstrated outside the courthouse.

Gay rights advocates are urging the court to overturn Proposition 8 on the grounds it was put before voters improperly, or at least prematurely.

The measure’s sponsors argue the ballot initiative was approved correctly and it would be a miscarriage of justice for the court to overturn the results of a fair election.

The ballot initiative, which passed with 52 percent of the vote in November, changed the California Constitution to trump last year’s 4-3 Supreme Court decision that held that denying same-sex couples the right to wed was an unconstitutional civil rights violation. [read more]


Marriage equality now 2009. Proposition 8 is about hate, it only targets a select group of Californian’s. Reverse prop 8 because it’s wrong! HH 88 is Hate!


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Join the Fight! Stop 8! Stop hate, and those who push it!

Persecuted by governments. Arrested and beaten for being who we are. Our rights put up for popular vote, time and time again.


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